About G.G. Schmitt & Sons

We know How Important Your Boat is to You!

Choosing the right equipment could save you hours of frustration and costly repairs downstream. In some situations, it can save lives. So, if you want tough, dependable marine hardware that won’t break or corrode, ship out with G.G. Schmitt & Sons marine hardware.

A family business since its inception in 1951, G.G. Schmitt has forged its worldwide reputation for building high-quality marine hardware through innovative design, Old World craftsmanship and modern technology. This tradition of excellence, handed down from father to sons, dominates operations at our headquarters plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and our new 80,000 sq. ft. plant in Sarasota, Florida.

Quality Control

Quality Control starts at G.G. Schmitt’s loading docks. Our engineers first certify that the stainless steel and aluminum raw materials we buy meet our exacting specifications. G.G. Schmitt uses only Type 304 and Type-316 wrought stainless steel – the purest form of the alloy and 6061-T6 marine and aircraft grade aluminum. During the manufacturing process, technicians scrutinize the process to ensure each product meets strength and dependability specifications established during its design and development. Inspections and testing continues through final packaging.

G.G. Schmitt & Sons
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabricators

2821 Old Tree Dr. • Lancaster, PA 17603 • (717)394-3701 • Fax (717)291-9739
7230 15th St. East • Sarasota, FL 34243 • (941)360-1967 • Fax (941)360-1973
Email: info@ggschmitt.com

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